Eilat Chamber Music Festival 2009

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Content is from the site's 2009 archived pages.

The current website with all the up to date news about the Eilat Chamber Music Festival​ is http://www.eilat-festival.co.il/​


Eilat Chamber Music Festival is one of the leading international festivals in Israel and regularly achieves great success and raving reviews in Israel and abroad. The festival attracts every year great audiences from all around Israel and the world.

Twice a year, Eilat is visited by another kind of “tourist” when millions of birds make this desert paradise their stop-over point in their migration from Europe to Africa and back again. Their needs are met by the environment, the other tourists’ needs are met by fabulous hotels, in a price range to fit every budget. 

Once a year there is a different migration that thrills Eilat when internationally acclaimed musicians arrive and add the brilliant sound of their music to the unique natural wonders and attractions, making this encounter a unique and unforgettable experience. An encounter cherished for years to come, this event creates the audience’s desire to make that same yearly migration as well. 

CIRCA 2009

22.2.09 - 1.3.09 - 6 Days - 14 Concerts

The 2008 ECMF program includes among many others, Maxim Vengerov, leading a unique all virtuosi orchestra performing Beethoven’s Eroica Symphony and “Triple Concerto” with cellist Natalia Gutman; violinist Julian Rachlin and pianist Itamar Golan in solo performances; Sir Roger Moore narrating Saint Saens’ “Carnival of the Animals”. There is early music being performed on authentic instruments by “Il Fondamento”, exciting percussion rhythms by “Percadu” and the ‘laugh at ourselves’ humor of Igudesman and Joo. 


This year’s ECMF program includes among many others, Maxim Vengerov, leading a unique all virtuosi orchestra performing F.Mendelssohn – Symphony "Scottish" with cellist Natalia Gutman, violinist Julian Rachlin and pianist Itamar Golan in solo performances. Sir Roger Moore narrating Saint Saens’ “Carnival of the Animals”. There is early music being performed on authentic instruments by “Il Fondamento”, and the ‘laugh at ourselves’ humor of Igudesman and Joo.

The concerts will take place in the Herod's Pavilion Concert Hall.
Special events will include a journey to Petra.





Entrance to all concerts
Entrance to Reception in Eilat
Entrance to Master Classes
Petra – 1 day trip on Monday or Thursday
PRICE: 2,100.- nis per person

Entrance to all concerts
Entrance to Reception 
Free entrance to the Underwater Observatory
PRICE: 1,500.- nis per person

Purchase 4 Concerts – 5th Concert free

Concerts No: 1,2,3,6,8,10,12,13
Level A – 160.- nis per ticket
Level B - 130.- nis per ticket

Concerts No: 4,7,9,11,14
Level A – 200.- nis per ticket
Level B – 170.- nis per ticket

1 Day Tour to Petra - $175.- per person
Classical Boat Trip – 170.- nis per person

Tickets available at:
Music Center – Red Sea
08-6377036, 08-6367211, fax: 08-6330808
Tourist Office (Eilat): 08-6340253, 08-6323310, 08-6342223



Special Guests
Sir Roger Moore, UNICEF special ambassador 
Giya Kancheli, recipient of the 2008 Wolf Award.
Pavel Vernikov
Artistic Director
Leonid Rozenberg 
Founder & General Director

Sir Roger Moore
Natalia Gutman
"Ll Fondamento"
Frans Helmerson
Sergei Slovachevsky
Maria Christina Kiehr
Hillel Zori
Paul Dombrecht
Stacey Watton
Andres Mustonen
Maxim Vengenov
Moshe Epstein
Ana Chumachenko
Mauricio Fuks
Ernst Ottensamer
Boris Kuschnir
Mihaela Martin
Julian Rachlin
Julia Rovinsky
Maxim Vengerov
Pavel Vernikov
Aleksey Igudesman
Tomer Yariv
Andres Mustonen
Konstantin Bogino
Nobuko Imai
Pavel Gililov
Lawrence Power
Itamar Golan
Richard Hyung - Ki Joo
    Sophie Rachlin  







The International Master classes of Eilat offers young student's highly-qualified musical courses run by well-renowned masters and musicians, in order for young players to improve their technical and musical expertise at a professional level. The courses are addressed to students from various countries and of all ages. This Master class are organised under the artistic direction of Pavel Vernikov. The courses begin February the 22nd till the 1st of March 2009.

Attendance is reserved to graduate musicians who took their degree in a Conservatoire, a Music School or other equivalent institution. Exception will be made by the examination board on behalf of those students who provide a very significant musical CV or show to be gifted with an extraordinary talent. Students are also allowed to attend our courses as simple auditors.

In order to attend the course as effective students, applicants are required:

1) A written recommendation by a professor or an artist.
2) A video of 10 – 15 minutes in length (VHS or Mini DV - PAL or NTSC - or DVD)

The organisation may stop the number of students at any time, according to its own judgement. The board’s final decision is unquestionable.

Pieces of information about courses, teachers, starting-dates, are to be found on the WEBSITE: www.eilat-festival.com

The activation of every single course depends on the possibility to reach a minimum number of applications. 
Class schedules will be made known at the beginning of each course.
Main teachers will be helped by few assistants, who are committed to organising instrumental technique lessons. Main teachers decide whether students are to study with them or with their assistants, and are committed to setting up class schedules as well. Likewise, they decide how many hours are to be devoted to collective instrumental technique lessons.

During the time of the International Master classes, guest musicians and students as well will partake in concerts of the 4th Eilat Chamber Music Festival. 
If students are chosen by their teachers, they are required to play these performances as a relevant part of their musical education.

Both active students and auditors are allowed to attend all courses as auditors. 
Students must always bring with them all scores that they are required to perform during classes, including piano parts. They must write on their application form which pieces are going to study during the Master class, in order to inform in advance both Teachers and Piano accompanists.

Professors Vengerov, Rachlin and Golan will teach to one day open Seminar, the participation to which costs €200 per one lesson.
The student already enrolled to a classical Master class that intends to study in the course of Professor Igudesman (Alternative Violin) has to add €200 to their fees.

During the period of the Master class there will be 2 concerts for a Students Orchestra in the Eilat Music Festival. Participants in the Festival Orchestra, chosen among the students, will receive 150€ for participation in 1 performance and €250 for participation in two performances.

All application-forms must be sent back fully filled in, not later than 31st of January 2009; the application-form must include all the applicant’s personal details and be sent together with a proof of payment of the enrolment fee.

Tuition fees may be paid by Bank Transfer addressed to:

Mason Domenico
Bank: Banca Popolare Friuladria
Filiale di Cordovado
IBAN CODE: IT07P0533664860000030088804
Object: “Eilat International Master Class”

All application-forms not enclosing the proper payment receipt will be disregarded. 
We do not accept foreign cheques. 
Tuition fees cannot be refunded.
The application-form must enclose:
One passport photograph
A front-back photocopy of an identity document 
A detailed Curriculum Vitae
A copy of the payment receipt.

It has to be sent at:
Secretary of
P. O. Box 4262
Eilat 88000


Effective students
€ 100,00
€ 250,00
€ 350,00
€ 700,00
Young Violinists € 100,00 € 100,00 € 350,00 € 550,00
€ 100,00
€ 100,00
€ 350,00
€ 450,00
€ 150,00
€ 0,00
€ 350,00
€ 500,00

Accommodations at a 4 star hotel, in a double room, on a half board basis 
If students do not fulfil properly their payments, they will not be allowed to attend classes.

For further information
Eilat International Master Class
Tel +972 8 6377036 – Fax + 972 8 6330808



Eilat The City

Legend has it that after the creation of the earth the angels were busy painting it. After a while they became tired and accidentally spilled the paints. The blue became the water of Eilat, and the other colors became its fish and the corals. Add to this spectrum Eilat's year-round golden sunshine and superb red-orange mountains, combined with its idyllic seaside location - and you have the ingredients for a first-rate, modern resort! 
Eilat, the southernmost city in Israel is Israel’s leading tourist resort. Tens of thousands of visitors annually come to enjoy the clear blue waters, the brilliantly colored fish and coral. 

Tourist Atractions include:

Aquarium -- Stand smack in the middle of the aquarium at the Maritime Museum as the fish swim all around you in a huge circular tank. The observatory tower rises 20 feet out of the sea, and since the water in the gulf is generally crystal clear, the views of the magnificent marine life are unparalleled.

Beaches -- Most are free and have a club-like atmosphere, with thatched-roof restaurants and lively pubs, beach chairs, music and dancing day and night.

Coral Reserve -- A great place to observe the fabulous fish and corals. Qualified divers can explore a special area called the "Japanese Gardens," so named for the way in which the closely-packed, multi-colored corals overlap each other

Dolphin Reef -- Dive with dolphins using snorkel equipment. As you swim in the area designated for humans, you can watch the dolphins being fed or frolicking just beyond the roped-off swimming zone. Or take a walk on the wooden observation pier in the dolphins' area for a closer look. The adventurous can join in a guided group of snorkelers for a 20-minute swim among these intelligent, playful animals.

Entertainment -- In almost every hotel in the city an entertainment troupe performs nightly in the lobby, and has become the focal point of many easy evenings. Numerous leading Israeli television and movie stars have gotten their start in show business this way.

Food -- When splashing in the Red Sea and frolicking on the sandy shore has worked up an appetite, dive down to the Red Sea Star underwater restaurant where you can continue communing with the ocean while enjoying sumptuous gourmet meals. The restaurant is 20 feet below the sea's surface, and panoramic windows give diners a new perspective on Eilat's beauty. For the pure and simple taste of Israel, take a walk to Shauli and Guy for unparalleled hummus served with mushrooms and their home-cut french fries.

Glass Bottom Boats -- Boats leave from the jetty just north of Coral Beach and from North Beach near the Neptune Hotel, offering wonderful views of Eilat's fairy-tale marine world, with its mounds of corals and clusters of rainbow-colored fish.

Kids - Eilat is a kid's paradise. It's youthful spirit and sea- and sand-centered activities make Eilat an ideal family vacation spot. The kids will love snorkeling, swimming with the dolphins, and peering at the "fishies" from a glass-bottomed boat. Not to mention watching the awesome sharks in action at the Underwater Observatory (from safely behind a big glass window.)

Marina - A wonderful place to watch the brilliant Eilat sunset as the boats return to dock after a day at sea.

Nightlife - It is hard to resist the temptations of "night-time Eilat." A free-wheeling feeling sweeps over the city from the late afternoon until daybreak. When the sun sets and the last sunbathers leave the beach, the city takes on a more intimate and romantic look. Nightspots begin to fill, a profusion of colored lights are reflected in the waters of the Gulf, and an air of enchantment settles over the city. Eilat's nightlife is dynamic and surprising, and has a long-held reputation as tops among Israelis.

Promenade -- Take a stroll along Eilat's 1.5-mile-long Promenade, beginning at King Solomon's Hotel at the northern cave of the Lagoon where the yachts are anchored. Wind your way past colorful shops to the Dutch Bridge, which opens to allow passage to the tall ships.

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling - Eilat's diving clubs provide a wide range of services to divers, from intensive diving courses for beginners interested in obtaining an international license, to organized cruises in selected diving sites.

Underwater Observatory -- Located just south of Coral Beach, the complex consists of three distinctively-rounded buildings on the beach and two amazing underwater observatories.

Weather - Divine in winter and good in summer, with an average yearly rainfall of a mere 7.5 inches and an average winter temperature of 70 degrees F, Eilat is a winter haven.